Rural Hospitals

Because data shouldn’t be a limited resource

The pressure to deliver high-quality healthcare and address the social drivers of patient outcomes in rural communities has never been greater.

For rural hospitals, health equity and community health are not just about facts and figures. But data tells a story. Data translates into insights about people that matter – who they may know as friends, neighbors, or even family.

Addressing the unique challenges of improving outcomes and reducing disparities in rural communities requires having on-demand access to data in a meaningful way. Data is often the missing piece in caring for the community.

Metopio is a turnkey platform that provides data, analytics and visualizations in single, tested interface that empowers you to do more with less. The platform makes it easier than ever to get the answers you need, when you need them to meet increasing regulatory demands and drive decision-making now and in the future.

Watch the video to see Metopio in action.

“The data in Metopio is addictive. Charts often take me less than a minute to complete – and it’s easy to go deeper.”

Terry Scoggin
CEO of Titus Regional Medical Center

Metopio empowers rural healthcare leaders to:

  • Access unique rural health benchmarks to put your community in the right context
  • Identify meaningful actions to support the community based on data, not assumptions
  • Conduct market assessments that combine location and utilization data to reveal service line insights and guide strategic plans
  • Build engaging board reports that incorporate health equity into the conversation
  • Develop a comprehensive community health needs assessment and improvement plans
  • Fulfill the new Joint Commission requirements with the support of a purpose-built in-platform workflow.

Plus, rural healthcare leaders can deploy Metopio with no friction. There’s no install and no need for IT. Metopio is a safe, cloud-based technology that provides both the data and tools. You can launch it in minutes, not weeks or months.

Metopio in Action at Titus Regional Medical Center

Rural benchmarks reveal important truths:

“When we start talking about rural versus urban, we’ve got to get the message out there. ‘Look at the differences here in the disparities from a rural and urban perspective,’” says Terry Scoggin, CEO of Titus Regional Medical Center. Terry and his team have used Metopio’s rural benchmarks. Looking at the state of Texas as a whole shows that Texas is healthy — but that’s not a fair statement. “That says Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso are doing good but the rest of Texas is struggling. The urban versus rural benchmarks show that rural has much higher mortality rates and incidence of disease than our urban counterparts.”

Data supports bringing health services to community center:

Scoggin put Metopio’s data to work to illustrate the need to make healthcare services available in a new community center.When the city council was building a new rec center in the south part of town, I created a map. I showed the breakdown by Census tract of mortality rates and proved that the neighborhood needed better access to care.” At the end of that day, he convinced city leaders that they needed to provide some kind of health services in this new facility.

Sharing data to stand out:

Terry has used Metopio data to stand out in a sea of competitive grant applications. “For any rural person who’s trying to get grants, it’s all about data. When you show rural and urban benchmarks, you get a few extra points for doing your homework. It’s just not just taking a number from a website. No, you’re creating your own data points and that is really what makes you stand out.”

Putting data to work to drive change:

Metopio’s data is hard at work helping Scoggin and his peers to fight for over 1,000 bills that affect rural hospitals. “We’re using this data in legislation, and that’s ultimately going to impact us from a long-term standpoint.”

“Metopio is the first tool that got me into data analysis. It’s a very simple tool and that’s what I love about it.”

Terry Scoggin
CEO of Titus Regional Medical Center

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