Because community context is the missing data you need

If a patient’s ZIP Code determines their likelihood for negative health outcomes even more than their DNA, don’t you want that information at your fingertips? We think so. That’s why Metopio gives you the power to curate, analyze, and visualize data about populations and places you care about.

We make it easy to put context around your patients in just three clicks by safely and securely integrating claims and clinical data with millions of curated social determinants of health data points.

Metopio’s intuitive interface allows anyone, regardless of their data science experience, to access and effectively use this data to make better decisions. With Metopio, users get right to understanding and identifying root causes of health outcomes.

“Metopio tools helped us to uncover a cost driver in asthma ER visits and quickly deploy a predictive model, which improved patient outcomes and saved millions of dollars.”

Martin Judd
CEO, safety net hospital

Metopio empowers your organization to:

  • Design population health interventions that measurably improve patient outcomes
  • Easily track and meet quality metrics with interactive visualizations
  • Integrate social determinants of health data across departments
  • Quickly benchmark data across communities and between service areas
  • Strengthen funding and grant proposals with unique data points

Metopio in Action for Healthcare

Understanding ED Visits for Asthma: Leaders at Presence Health knew that if managed appropriately, no one should come to the ED for asthma – and they had far too many patient visits for this condition. They needed to understand the relationship between their emergency department admissions for asthma and drivers outside of clinical care.

Using Metopio’s recommendation engine, the data told a story of low-quality housing by uncovering a relationship between building violations and patient admissions. Using the new insights to solve this complex problem, they realized remarkable results: Not a single patient came back to the emergency department for care, ultimately improving their chronic disease management and driving down cost for the health system by 66 percent. Read the full story here.

Maximizing impact in under-resourced communities with speed to decision-making: In the face of unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, leaders at Advocate Aurora Health wanted to deploy limited resources to reach communities most impacted by COVID. First, they needed to find the right locations for testing. That complex question required accounting for social determinants which can be multi-faceted and hard to measure.

Metopio provided a multi-disciplinary team with easy mapping tools and curated data. They were quickly explored several important community variables like life expectancy and social vulnerability with the SVI. Using the map filter, they focused on areas with a lower life expectancy and a higher SVI. They also analyzed transportation access to determine if the testing locations should be drive up or walk in to best serve residents in at-risk communities. When testing locations launched, the new sites saw an 8% positivity rate for COVID-19, compared to 3% positivity in Illinois so the strategy proved effective. Check out the full story here.

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