Economic Development

Cities, counties, regions, and states in the U.S. are focused on enhancing the quality of life in their communities. These important efforts to attract and foster new businesses and help existing businesses grow and thrive aim to ensure future prosperity for their residents.

This work has become increasingly important as the U.S. workforce is shifting rapidly. Community leaders and employers are reexamining traditional approaches to economic development and investing more in the existing workforce. They must address access to healthcare and the prevalence of chronic disease, among other social determinants of health, to develop a strategy that identifies the right investments to build a prosperous and resilient community.

That’s why Metopio make it easy to put health, education and wealth equity at the center of your decision-making and collaborative efforts – without the help of expensive consultants.

The user-friendly interface provides curated data and visualization tools down to the census tract that can be safely shared with the public, elected officials, nonprofits and business leaders. Metopio makes it easy to leverage data to highlight competitive community attributes, develop strategies that promote inclusive growth, and support meaningful investments across communities.

Metopio empowers your organization to:

  • Put data in the hands of those who need to use it without the need for extensive training
  • Effectively share data and collaborate with key community stakeholders and potential investors
  • Elevate grant applications and proposals with specific, unique data that tells an effective story
  • Simplify data collection in one interface that is easy to manage
  • Relieve the burden on small teams to constantly find, curate and clean data for analysis

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