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We want to get improved data and analytics capabilities in the hands of the people, teams and organizations who can use it to understand and change their industries, their communities and the world for the better.
  • Cloud-Based: Atlas is a cloud-based product, not an IT project. No need to connect to a data link, no internal approvals needed.
  • Right-Sized Price: Enterprise level possibilities smartly priced by population and geography.
  • Easy to Implement: Get up and running with highly customizable data in weeks – not years.

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Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide an equity assessment sample.

Atlas Curate


Data curation that is as flexible as it is responsive. Atlas curates and maintains disparate data sources–and makes it easy to incorporate alternatives – to create the most granular data sets. Deidentified, aggregated data is ready to share.

  • Curate
  • Atlas Analyze


    Enterprise level analytics without time consuming training. Intuitive tools empower people and decisions. Atlas makes it easier to access, analyze and understand data.

  • Analyze
  • Atlas Collaborate


    Dynamic and collaborative informatics at your fingertips. The need for data, and data resources, is not going away. Visualize, collaborate and share data in maps, charts, tables and more.

  • Collaborate
    • Network Effect

      Diverse datasets and smart people come together for research, insights and observations equal parts actionable and fascinating
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