How Metopio Works

Metopio makes it amazingly simple to find data on any place, large or small, and put it into context.  Combine Metopio’s hundreds of millions of curated data points with your own data and you have a lightning-fast analytics engine giving you superior insights and on-demand visualizations.

Data Curation

With 400+ million curated, pre-loaded data points from verified sources.  Users don’t need to add a single piece of data to the platform to start making critical decisions.

All the data in Metopio are regularly updated and curated for quality, with margins of error on every data point.  Each citation leads you right back to the source.

Download data from your insights.  Use our API.  Add your own proprietary data to the platform.  Instantly enrich your analysis. You control your data in a secure workspace.  

Curate what you need across diverse datasets – public and private – to get an edge with information your competitors don’t have. 

 Inform your decision-making, draw deeper insights and make comparisons with confidence.

Powerful Analytics

Our easy-to-use maps visualize data across thousands of geographic locations from small neighborhoods to entire states. Create geographies unique to you and Metopio instantly calculates data for your custom region.  Customize your map with multiple topics, labels, colors and backgrounds so you are ready to go.

See how you measure up with benchmarks and trends.  Move between maps and charts in one click.

Compare any number of places on any topic over time or for a moment in time with charts and graphs. Then dig deeper. Add stratifications to examine race/ethnicity, age or sex or a combination where available.

Find relationships and test hypotheses by exploring the correlation between multiple topics with an interactive scatterplot.  You can find variations, patterns and outliers then use Metopio’s one-click verification to get the confidence you need to take act on your insight. 

Dynamic Visualizations

The Metopio platform creates unique, dynamic insights that increase speed to execution by seeding collaboration across teams.    

Using Metopio’s dynamic insights eliminates the need to wait on someone else to move a project forward.  No specific skills or knowledge are required to manipulate your maps, charts, graphs – even scatterplots.

This unprecedented interactivity brings reports to life. Forget pdfs that get shelved once they are done.  Put your ideas into action by sharing embedded insight and project links. 

Quickly and easily complete regulatory reports, create dashboards and presentations.  Save time.  Increase productivity. 

When you need to brainstorm creatively to find new solutions, tell an effective story or inspire action, Metopio’s clear and customizable visualizations are easy to create and help you iterate. 

The Health Atlas

Metopio’s newest platform is designed specifically for the needs of public health departments and their partners as they emerge from the pandemic and push health in all policies.

Data Curation

Flexible and responsive

Issues are complex and can rarely be understood with a single dataset.  Metopio curates and maintains valuable, disparate data sources for your use.

Curated data sets are provided at the most granular level available and include citations and margins of error.

Incorporate alternative data sets with one click.  Open data portals are great, but they require specific knowledge to use.

Access other health departments, epidemiological staff, biostatisticians and researchers.

Reduce risk with deidentified, aggregated data – ready to share.

Intuitive Analytics

No training required

Data plus the effective tools empower users to easily find the right data to make the best decisions. Quickly and collaboratively.

Analyze differences in outcomes by population and place in one interface.

Stratifications allow you to dive more deeply into health equity and racial disparities.

Increase staff ability to answer tough questions quickly without extensive, expensive training.

Hotspot and deploy resources to meet changing needs.

Benchmark to places you choose.

Move from isolated to integrated for better results.

Health Informatics

Dynamic and collaborative

Demand for public health data and informatics has increased, and the need for data resources is not going away.

Help resource-constrained community partners with data and analytics.

Bring CHIPs to life with interactivity.

Provide community level data analysis, evaluation, and visualizations.

Advance data-driven public health initiatives with policymakers.

Create multi-stakeholder community development plans.

Complete regulatory reports with one click.