New enhanced atlas offers improved data and analytics capabilities to understand communities.

Today, Chicago community members, organizations, researchers, and the general public will be able to access data across Chicago’s 77 community areas, 58 ZIP codes, and 800 Census tracts using the new Chicago Health Atlas.

The new health atlas is innovative in providing a platform that allows any stakeholder to access and use data to understand health disparities and drive real change regardless of their data science experience.

The School of Public Health recently launched the Population Health Analytics, Metrics, and Evaluation, or PHAME, Center, will spearhead updates and oversee the Atlas going forward alongside the CDPH Office of Epidemiology. Updates will include increased community engagement opportunities as well as advanced analytics capabilities and enhanced data visualizations.

At launch, the Health Atlas has over 200 indicators that can be visualized in maps, charts, graphs and tables for any place in Chicago.

“You should not have to spend hours curating data to solve problems. The pandemic and recent events have demonstrated that understanding impacts on communities is essential to quickly identifying need and deploying valuable resources.  We are proud to support the work of so many who are using data to drive decisions and tell impactful stories.”

Will Snyder, Chief Executive Officer, Metopio

To increase the ability of users to drive meaningful insights, Metopio’s technology delivers improved performance and capabilities such as census tract data where available, margins of error, filters in the map, labeling points in the map, data dictionary download, powerful new map engine, beautiful and easy-to-use chart tool and the ability to download insights.

Metopio provides data, analysis and visualization in a single, tested interface that removes risk and maximizes the work of any user regardless of their data science background to organizations, government and individuals across the country.

Visit the new Chicago Health Atlas here.