200 of the topics you use frequently now updated to 2019.

That’s 4 million new data points covering 200 topics.

The American Community Survey (ACS) data just released for 2019 is now in Metopio. This means we now offer 15 years of ACS data on most of our curated ACS topics so you can see how things have changed over time.

With data on ancestry, insurance, disability, transportation, education and more, this survey is one of the most detailed and accurate sources of information on American life available.

As you know, ACS is different from the census which is conducted every ten years to provide an official count of the entire U.S. population to Congress. The 2020 decennial census is highly anticipated and somewhat controversial given the impact of the pandemic and changing policies and timelines for data collection.

Commute times rise

The 2019 data shows us how commute times have risen across the country demonstrating the impact of many social variables – affordable housing, availability of public transportation and location of employment.

The San Francisco Bay Area stands out with incredibly high commute times.

How to use new data

Looking across the country and using Metopio to dive deeper, we see that in some Chicago neighborhoods where the median income is the lowest, commute times are highest. We’ve used our new projects feature to bring you this story – New ACS Data Insights on Commute Times.

You can see a list of all topics provided in the American Community Survey (and updated to 2019) here.

We’ve also updated the Hardship Index, a composite score reflecting economic hardship using ACS data, to 2019. Use the Hardship Index to compare economic hardship between any places in the country along the same 0-100 score.

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