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By having Metopio in your decision-making toolkit you can curate, analyze, and visualize data with confidence.
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Incorporating community data into a population analysis is not easy. It’s done in a silo – if it’s done at all – and takes valuable time away from assessing provider networks, addressing social determinants and driving better patient outcomes.

Quickly utilize community data to understand how your patient population compares to the population at large and identify specific barriers to improve patient outcomes. Design interventions to close gaps in care, increase compliance and help members live healthier lives.

Use Cases

Metopio powers health plans:
  • Attribution reports
  • Community benchmarking
  • Strategic planning
  • Impact maps
  • Equity assessments and dashboards
  • Research resource
  • Measurement and reporting

Want to see how Metopio works for health plans?

Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide a market overview sample.

Better decisions can be made with better data

That’s why we’re making it easy to find data on any place and population, put it into context, and then visualize the findings in ways just about anyone can understand. We’re building the tools so you can use data to tell stories that can effect change. 


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