Explore by industry how having Metopio in your decision-making toolkit helps you more confidently curate, analyze, and visualize data.

When data collection is isolated, it makes it harder and slower to integrate strategies. At the same time, multiple data systems focused solely on individual patients lack sufficient context to integrate the social determinants of health into decision-making, which improve patient outcomes and reduce cost. 

Metopio offers a risk-free resource that empowers teams to use data in their decision-making, respond rapidly to organizational requests and increase collaboration with community partners. Teams can quickly understand the community context of patient populations through unbiased and accurate data rooted in the reality of today, all without hours of data collection and curation. Find solutions faster with Metopio’s quality tools, unbiased methods and easy-to-understand outputs.

Use Cases

Metopio powers healthcare:
  • Create service areas or markets with unique data, preloaded, in minutes
  • Compare indicators across places and add benchmarks just by typing them in
  • Create templates that allow everyone to work more efficiently
  • Strategic planning and program design
  • Equity assessments and dashboards
  • Grant funding and reporting
  • Interactive community health needs assessments (CHNA)
  • Integrated community health improvement plans
  • Community program design
  • Identify and isolate social determinants
  • Access all of your secondary data and have citations at your fingertips
  • Research resource
Industry Health

Want to see how Metopio works for healthcare?

Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide an equity assessment sample.

“Metopio’s data provides an essential foundation to understand the communities where our patients live. Working with them to identify similar communities across our network allows us to link aggregated demand to aggregated supply through a consistent clinical model.”
Gilbert Lichtlein Chief Clinical Officer
“Understanding community health is a necessity not a luxury, now more than ever. Our past experience informed our investigation, so we had a solid understanding of where to add indicators so we could quickly use Metopio to dive deeper and get answers.``
Jackie Rouse Vice President, Community Health, Advocate Aurora Health
“Metopio saved me days’ worth of work. Rather than wasting time creating service areas in complicated mapping software and then having to add data, Metopio made it easy. I added my ZIP Codes and pressed a button. In minutes I had service areas and data at my fingertips.”
Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics, a Childrens Hospital in Midwest
“As a large, decentralized system we can now quickly and easily collect and compare our CHNA indicators across the country – from Census tract all the way up to custom regions like our service areas. Metopio provides data-driven insights that help us maximize our ability to address the social determinants of health in the diverse communities we serve.”
Sarah Heintzelman Manager, Community Benefit, AdventHealth

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