Explore how having Metopio in your decision-making toolkit helps you more confidently curate, analyze, and visualize data

It’s challenging to meet ever-growing demand for public health informatics, to organize data that can be shared among a wide range of partners and to develop programs that can adequately address equity issues. 

Metopio expedites data requests, decreases inefficiencies and empowers organizations to partner on critical public health and economic development  issues through interactive data sharing and insights.

Use Cases

Metopio powers healthcare:
  • Public health informatics
  • Flexible data curation
  • Geographically bound atlas for effective data sharing
  • Site location and economic insights
  • Research resource
  • Interactive community health needs assessments (CHNA)
  • Tracking community health improvement plans (CHIP) 
  • Strategic planning and program design 
  • Equity assessments and dashboards 
  • Grant funding and reporting
  • Legislative analysis and insights

Want to see how Metopio works for government?

Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide an equity assessment sample.

“We are at a tipping point where health in all policies is necessary – whether we are creating strategies to address health disparities or partnering to build healthier communities. Access to data will be the key that drives these significant changes.”
Wayne Giles Chief Clinical Officer, Dean, School of Public Health

Make better decisions with better data

We’re making it easy to find data on any place and population, put it into context, and then visualize the findings in ways just about anyone can understand. We’re building the tools so you can use data to tell stories that can effect change. 


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