Quickly generate insights to complete your regulatory reports.

Because your CHNA shouldn’t be a static PDF

A smart community health needs assessment (CHNA) enables public health departments, healthcare organizations and community leaders to do much more than check the box on regulatory requirements.

With the right partner, the right approach, and the right data, the CHNA and implementation strategies are the blueprint to advance health equity and to build more resilient communities for months and years after.

The Metopio advantage is the unique combination of our experience and our technology. The Metopio platform enables us to remove 98% of the lift in collecting data, allowing us to help clients focus on the important aspects of community engagement and interpretation.

Our team is capable of scaling resources to handle projects, regardless of size or scope, ensuring that your project will receive the attention and support it requires. We take great pride in our transparency, on-time delivery, and ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Purpose-built on decades of experience:

  • Metopio technology is the direct result of our team’s hands-on experience designing and completing assessments to understand the complexity of communities and help residents achieve better health.
  • Our perspective and passion, along with a people-first and tech-enabled approach, makes Metopio the ideal partner for completing a collaborative CHNAs.
  • Get right to your data analysis and visualization. We help identify priorities and assess the interplay of complex social determinants of health and health outcomes at the census tract or zip code level.

Going beyond regulatory requirements:

  • Metopio’s CHNA reports meet all federal and state guidelines – but we believe that the impact of a successful CHNA should extend far beyond its regulatory necessity.
  • Having an interactive and dynamic assessment ready and available, at any time, helps you integrate the data into health equity strategies across the enterprise and throughout the community.
  • Metopio clients use their CHNAs to set systemwide goals for addressing chronic diseases, bring attention to age-related health disparities, and make strategic investments in programs and interventions.

Made for everyone to access, share and apply:

  • Our approach helps organizations share community insights in a way that is easy to use, easy to understand and transparent in presentation – making the data actionable for all.
  • Your CHNA work is at your fingertips in our online workspaces to quickly respond to requests from the community, present public-facing, interactive insights and download insights into presentations.
  • Bring your CHNA to life and engage the community with Metopio’s award-winning Atlas, like the Chicago Health Atlas, or with a branded site specific to your own organization.

CHNA in action:

The most recent CHNA release by CHRISTUS Health (2021-2022) aligned 19 hospitals across four states providing executive leadership valuable system-wide data and hyper-local community insights. Learn more about CHRISTUS’ leadership to sustain community engagement and identify opportunities to partner for better health.

The current CHNA released by the University of Chicago demonstrates Metopio’s capacity to provide a comprehensive approach across two very different hospitals – an academic center and a community hospital – in two difference settings –one urban and the other suburban. See how the University of Chicago is putting their CHNA into action.