How it Works

Metopio helps anyone and everyone to feel like a data expert.

Simply put, better decisions can be made with better data. That’s why Metopio sits at the intersection of the data you’re missing and the tools to get the job done.

Metopio’s curated data and easy-to-use visualization tools can take care of 75% of the work you need to do to enhance your analysis. Putting data in the hands of those who need it is incredibly powerful. Making it easy for them to curate, analyze, and visualize data about any place and population is even more powerful.

Adding community context to your data in just a few clicks opens up a world of possibilities. See the whole picture and your piece of it. This more holistic approach helps fuel more data-driven strategies and identify endless opportunities for collaboration. What’s even better is that it’s all on a user-friendly shared platform designed to build confidence in using data each step of the way.

Our customers love Metopio because it gives them the power to do their own analysis, in less time and with more information. They can now explore, discover and share insights that lead to action. They can now provide equitable access to data to build trust. They can now inspire others to use data to solve problems, design solutions, and amplify their impact.

Our customers love:

  • Easily communicating insights with interactive visualizations
  • Quickly benchmarking data across communities
  • Strengthening grant proposals with unique data
  • Telling powerful stories supported by data points
  • Simplifying data collection in one, easy to manage interface
  • Skipping the tedious work of finding, cleaning & curating data
  • Maximizing every community benefit dollar with real results

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Better understand communities and tell compelling stories with our revolutionary, forward-facing data sharing platform


Confidently use data to ask a question, test ideas, and get attention with our intuitive platform and pre-loaded data sets


Quickly generate insights to complete your regulatory reports.

Our Difference

Metopio was designed to make data and insights accessible, actionable, and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

Knowledge Center

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