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Join these leaders in realizing immediate value with Metopio’s curated data and intuitive analytics. Meet regulatory requirements, track KPIs, create reports, explore relationships, feed dashboards and identify new opportunities.

Are you a Community Health Leader? 

Metopio offers a risk-free resource that empowers your entire team to use data in their decision-making, respond rapidly to organizational requests and increase collaboration with community partners.

Sample Use Cases

+Interactive community health needs assessments (CHNA)   
+Integrated community health improvement plans
+Community program design 
+Identify and isolate social determinants
+Equity assessments and dashboards 
+Grant applications and reporting

Want to see how Metopio works for Community Health?
Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide a sample CHNA insight for you.

Understanding community health is a necessity not a luxury, now more than ever. Our past experience informed our investigation, so we had a solid understanding of where to add indicators so we could quickly dive deeper.

Jackie RouseVice President, Community Health

Are you a Public Health Officer? 

Metopio expedites data requests, decreases inefficiencies and empowers organizations to partner on critical public health issues through interactive data sharing and insights.

Sample Use Cases

+Public health informatics
+Flexible data curation
+Geographically bound health atlas
+Interactive community health needs assessments (CHNA)
+Research resource
+Tracking community health improvement plans (CHIP) 
+Strategic planning and program design 
+Equity assessments and dashboards 
+Grant funding and reporting

Want to see how Metopio works for public health?
Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide an equity assessment sample.

We are at a tipping point where health in all policies is necessary – whether we are creating strategies to address health disparities or partnering to build healthier communities. Access to data will be the key that drives these significant changes.

Wayne GilesDean, School of Public Health

Are you a Population Health Executive? 

Metopio’s interface helps your team quickly understand the community context of your patient population without hours of data collection and curation. You’ll find solutions faster that improve patient outcomes.

Sample Use Cases

+Peer learning networks 
+Program and intervention design 
+Intervention ROI by population 
+Integrated network analysis
+Equity assessments and dashboards 
+Strategic planning

Want to see how Metopio works for population health?
Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide a hotspot map of service gaps.

Metopio’s data provides an essential foundation to understand the communities where our patients live. Working with them to identify similar communities across our network allows us to link aggregated demand to aggregated supply through a consistent clinical model.

Gilbert LichsteinChief Clinical Officer

Are you a Consultant? 

Metopio increases your productivity with curated data and a suite of intuitive analytics tools. No more data hunting. Branded, interactive insights will impress clients while also helping them achieve their goals.

Sample Use Cases

+Market insights
+Health impact assessments
+Policy analysis 
+Interactive data sharing
+Embeddable insights
+Branded projects
+Customized data websites

Want to see how Metopio works for consultants? 
Share up to three ZIP codes you are interested in and Metopio will provide a market snapshot you could share with clients.

Access to Metopio’s expert data curation and visualizations means I don’t have to spend hours formatting data and interpreting it for a broader audience. I can use my time testing and validating ideas that drive the solutions that our clients need.

Ashley DeGarmo, AM, LSWDirector

Are you a Policy Influencer? 

Policymakers need to understand the impact legislation and regulations will have on constituents. Metopio delivers real-time, data-driven insights on complex topics to make the case and tell a story.

Sample Use Cases

+Geopolitical maps
+Community assessments 
+Policy analysis 
+Interactive data sharing
+Embeddable insights
+Branded projects
+Data microsites

Want to see how Metopio works for policymakers? 
Give us a state or federal legislative district you are interested in and Metopio will provide an insight that you could easily create on the platform.

I was able to turn around assessments for a state legislative hearing with Metopio that brought hard data to questions policymakers had in the moment. The easy-to-understand maps and charts were an excellent resource for the committee as they made their policy decisions.

Samantha Olds FreyChief Executive Officer

Are you a Foundation Strategist? 

To identify priority communities and provide essential community benchmarks for your organization’s mission, you need accurate, local data. Metopio’s curated data helps target programming to specific needs at the most granular level possible.

Sample Use Cases

+Strategic planning
+Annual reports
+Impact maps 
+Interactive storytelling
+Embeddable insights
+Board reports

Want to see how Metopio works for philanthropy? 
Give us up to three ZIP codes or counties you are interested in and Metopio will provide a sample insight for targeting grant dollars.

Metopio is so easy to use, and gives us a decided advantage when preparing grant proposals – we can narrow in to articulate the multi-faceted challenges facing young moms in our community. 

Hilary MorrealeInstitutional Giving Manager