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Public Health Officer

You need to meet increased demand for public health informatics, organize data to share with partners and develop programs to address health equity.

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Community Health Leader

Data collection is isolated and not a shared priority with other business teams which slows you down and makes it harder to integrate community health strategies.

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Time spent finding, cleaning and curating data is not as valuable as time spent with the client solving problems and helping them achieve their goals.

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Population Health Director

Multiple data systems focused solely on individual patients lack sufficient context to integrate the social determinants of health into decision-making, which you know will improve patient outcomes and reduce cost. 


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Policy Influencer

Decisions get made quickly and often without data because it takes too much time to find, curate and analyze. Not to mention it’s nearly impossible to get data for legislative districts.  


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Foundation Strategist

Identifying focus areas and creating benchmarks for each funding strategy or program is time intensive, it doesn’t scale and is not a competency shared across the organization.


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The Health Atlas

The pandemic shifted priorities but the need for easily accessible public health information is greater than ever.

Metopio’s newest platform is built especially for public health departments and their partners to share data, meet increased demand for healthcare analytics and advance initiatives to reduce disparities.

Data + Analytics + Visualizations in one, cloud-based interface.

Curated Data

Metopio curates disparate data into one interface. Users don’t need to add a single piece of data to the platform to start making critical decisions. 

All datasets are pre-loaded and waiting for you. Want to add your data and supercharge your insights? It’s ridiculously easy to upload your own.

Powerful Analytics

Time to value with other analytics solutions is way too long. Our intuitive interface means users create value from the first log in.

Whether completing a regulatory report or exploring a hypothesis, we give you the confidence to use data to answer questions, test ideas and get your audience’s attention. No coding and no data science training required.

Dynamic Visualizations

We make complex statistical relationships easy to understand, helping users improve decision making.

Metopio’s clear and customizable visualizations tell an effective story or inspire action. They are easy to create and help you iterate. 

Clients with a Metopio Advantage

Join these leaders in realizing immediate value with Metopio’s curated data and intuitive analytics.

Access to Metopio’s expert data curation and visualizations means I don’t have to spend hours formatting data and interpreting it for a broader audience. I can use my time testing and validating ideas that drive the solutions that our clients need.

Ashley DeGarmo, AM, LSWDirector, Third Horizon Strategies
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