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Who We Help

Public Health

We help city, county, and state public health commissioners, directors, epidemiologists, program leaders, policymakers and data analysts in committed to serving their communities and by providing the data they need to understand their communities and design data-driven interventions to support their strategic priorities and improve community members’ health and wellness.



We help healthcare leaders in community health, health equity, population health, quality, diversity and inclusion, advocacy, strategic planning, innovation, development, marketing, and innovation, as well as those in other mission-driven roles by providing the data they need to understand their patients and their areas they serve.

economic development

Economic Development

We help local, regional and state economic development directors, planning experts, chambers of commerce, economists, workforce specialists, investors and researchers find ways to increase opportunities in the community, promote inclusive growth and improve livability to help individuals, families and companies to thrive in the short and long-term.

Rural Hospitals

We help rural hospital leaders tackle the unique challenges of addressing health equity, improving outcomes, and meeting increasing regulatory requirements in their communities by providing on-demand data and rural-specific benchmarks that make it easier to get the answers they need when it matters most.

Knowledge Center

4-Step Guide to Using Data to Address Food Insecurity

4-Step Guide to Using Data to Address Asthma Admissions

How to Understand the Wealth-Health Gap in Your Community

Conducting an investigative analysis to understand the wealth-health gap in specific communities requires more than just basic income and health data. It is necessary to consider the various facets of wealth as well as the rates of serious illness and death in specific populations.