When it comes to public health
better data means better decisions.

Get access to public health data at the click of a button, add your data and share insights to inspire action.

The journey towards becoming a data-centric organization is lined with significant hurdles


Data you need to understand the community is hard to find and even when you do, reliability and accuracy is a challenge.


Extracting insights is key to driving informed decisions, but without an easy way to understand & visualize your community data, insights remain buried.


Sharing key findings with both internal and external stakeholders is imperative to driving change but without the right tools information is lost in translation.

Metopio gives you access to the data you need and makes it simple to analyze & share it with the world

Millions of health data points

At a click of a button gain access to millions of health data points meticulously curated and regularly updated.

Visualize, Analyze & Share

Effortlessly create engaging data visualizations, conduct in-depth analysis, and share insights no matter what your data science background.

Bring in Your Own Data

Capture community voice by seamlessly incorporating your own survey, focus group and various other types of data right into the Metopio platform.

Dedicated Community Health Website

Effectively share data with your own customized Community Health Website where the public can explore for themselves. Up and running in days not weeks or months.

Engagement Metrics

Get perspective on the most popular topics, users and more to enhance and achieve your organizational goals.

Supported by a Team of Experts

We’re more than a technology platform. Our full service solutions team is comprised of industry experts who augment your team’s knowledge with best practices.

Knowledge Center

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How to Understand the Wealth-Health Gap in Your Community

Conducting an investigative analysis to understand the wealth-health gap in specific communities requires more than just basic income and health data. It is necessary to consider the various facets of wealth as well as the rates of serious illness and death in specific populations.